This is the latest release of BBCTicker for Linux/Unix - (version 0.3.2)

This is an attempt to create a Linux/Unix version of the BBC Online Ticker using GTK.
The official Windows version is available from the BBC's website.
I haven't incorporated all the features of the original yet, but it is still useable.
Currently it will only launch netscape to view the stories, but I will look at the possibility of supporting other browsers in the future.

BBCTicker requires at least GTK 1.2

BBCTicker's project page at Sourceforge can be found here


The current version of BBCTicker is 0.3.2


  • Wed Mar 6 11:13:28 EST 2002
    Fixed missing handler for the 'Update Now' button

  • Wed Feb 27 15:08:31 EST 2002
    OK, so it's been a while ;-).
    Fixed the 'headline' file (the BBC changed it from story.dat to story2.dat).
    Oh yeah, make sure you have netscape in your path before starting the ticker, otherwise you won't be able to open any of the stories.

  • Fri Feb 18 20:54:59 GMT 2000
    v0.3.0 - Added raise event (to bring it back on top of the desktop).
    Added 'drag' capability, so you can move the ticker around.
    Added cute buttons (on right hand side of *real* version).
    Added story selection from the pop-up dialog.
    Fixed wierd scroll-speed bug.
    More tidying on the code.

  • Tue Feb 8 23:37:26 GMT 2000
    v0.2.2 - Mainly just a few bug fixes - should now work properly... ;)

  • Tue Feb 8 18:44:51 GMT 2000
    v0.2.1 is now ready, and now uses GNU configure, and a couple of bug fixes.

    There is now also a mailing list -
  • Forthcoming Attractions

    WARNING: none of these are likely to be done - even the BBC seems to have lost interest in the official ticker.

  • Add checkbox to allow stories to open in new/existing window
  • Add section to let the user change font.
  • Add section to let the user change colours.
  • Incorporate more browsers rather than *just* supporting netscape, and make it part of the config.
  • Move the options into an X11/app-defaults file
  • Add some of the options available in the official ticker including :-
  • Fix the 'update now' button (so that does something!! ;). DONE
  • Add links to jump to &
  • Convert this to native XLib to provide better compatibility with non-gtk systems (Solaris/HPUX etc)

  • Got any suggestions or comments?? Just drop a line to me, and I'll think about it... ;)
  • Download

    BBCTicker is distributed under the GNU Public Licence

    Current Version

  • bbcticker-0.3.2.tgz - Source.
  • Older Versions

  • bbcticker-0.3.1.tgz - Source.
  • bbcticker-0.3.0.tgz - Source.
  • bbcticker-0.2.2-linux-i386.tgz - Linux Intel386 compatible, dynamically linked.
  • bbcticker-0.2.2.tgz - Source.
  • bbcticker-0.2.1-linux-i386.tgz - Linux Intel386 compatible, dynamically linked.
  • bbcticker-0.2.1.tgz - Source.
  • bbcticker-0.2-linux-i386.tgz - Linux Intel386 compatible, dynamically linked.
  • bbcticker-0.2.tgz - Source.
  • bbcticker-0.1-linux-i386.tgz - Linux Intel386 compatible, dynamically linked.
  • bbcticker-0.1.tgz - Source.
  • Compilation

    A simple "./configure; make" should be sufficient, followed by "make install"


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    BBCTicker is written by Mark Greatrix.